BackPacking Tips For Beginners

With Backpacking comes all the excitement and the adventure in the mind. It stands in between camping and hiking. It is an activity where you can see the rising of the sun and the sunset. You wander the paths in the forest to the search your own path there. You are always close to the nature.

You can do a lot of activities like watching birds in the morning and watching the twinkling stars at night. Go for fishing or simply hunt for beautiful butterflies. It gives a fresh experience every time you for the backpacking trip. There are certain tips for the newcomer mentioned in the article.

Stay in Shape

There are many things that are required to do before you kick off for the backpacking trip. There are things that you practice and maintain yourself for the trip. They will make it easy for you to go for the activity. You will have the fond memories rather than painful trip. You will have strength and will not have issues like aching back and shoulders.

You should take short walks with the boots you will be wearing on the trip. You get accustomed to what you will be wearing during the will get used to the boots and do all the work like washing dishes etc. You will also stay safe from shoe biting and blisters.

You also should be wearing your stuffed backpacks for these short walks. Slowly increase the weight in the backpack and by the end of your practice sessions you will be able to carry all the actual weights. This would be the weight of the backpack that you will be wearing while your trip. Slowly and steadily you must increase with the distance you walk everyday.

camping gears

Check the gears

You must know what all are you carrying at the time of the camping. You must check how they function. You must check they should be in working condition or get them changed. Test your tent, best backpacking stove, sleeping bag, water purifier, navigation tools and all the equipments that you will be carrying during the trip.

Once you set off there will be no turning back. Your trip must go as smoothly as possible and it all depends how well are you prepared for it. When you are checking find out what all gears have to be replaced or renewed.

Complete your backpacking

You need to finish the backpacking well in time. You need to keep all the right gears. You should take the weight that you can bear during the trip. It should t be overtly heavy.pack it in such a manner that weight is distributed. First of all keep the sleeping bag. Then put the items like camping stove, water filter, food sachet.

You must wrap the gears like rain jackets, tents etc with a soft later before putting it inside the bag. Keep the frequently used things like compass, navigation tools, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen on the top.the bag should stabilize on your body structure.

backpacking camping stove

Do the proper planning for the trip

Do the good research on the trip and the place you are deciding for the camping purpose. Find the map of the place. Do make sure that the place suits to your hiking capabilities. Check the elevation and the distance to be covered during the trip. Take your car and keep all the stuff in that.

You can go for hiking and return to your car for the day’s trip. Do check on the water sources. You need to carry the filter if there is no fresh water source available. Check with the ranger on the permits of the area. Pay all your fees in advance and keep the documents handy. You must also check on the weather conditions of the area.

You need to take all necessary measures to make your first camping trip a memorable one.

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