What to Look For While Finding Around For a Handheld Vacuum

A handheld vacuum cleaner can be a great choice if you’re looking for a complimentary vacuum to sort out the smaller cleaning jobs.

For heavy duty vacuuming you might want to consider picking a good upright or canister cleaner. Do this keeping in mind that a handheld vacuum doesn’t come with some of the features you’re likely to find in larger vacuums, such as attachment hoses, which do a much better job when it comes to cleaning large surface areas.

But still, they are a must-have, considering you’ll be needing them to clean quick messes or reach some of the hidden spots a bigger vacuum actually can’t.

And even though the units themselves appear simple, there are lots of important features you might want to consider while picking one. Below, are all the essential tips you need to hit your local vacuum store with a clear mind on what constitutes the best handheld vacuum cleaner:

Check the Runtime

A cordless handheld vacuum offers you the convenience of cleaning without getting interfered with by a cord. The only limitation is that they all have a limited runtime. Whereas some can run for a cool 30 minutes or longer, others can’t run for a mere 10 minutes.

While shopping around for a handheld vac, take your time to check their manual and find out how long they can hold power. Make sure the machine you buy has enough runtime to help you tackle all your cleaning chores. If not, then consider picking a corded model, unless you intend to use the machine to clean your car.

Recharge Time

Many handheld vacuums take up to 24 hours to recharge fully. This is one reason we suggest you buy one with the longest runtime after charge.

Taking both recharge time and runtime into consideration, then a good handheld vac is one with the longest runtime, but the shortest recharge time.


The only reason anyone would want to buy a handheld vacuum instead of any other choice is for their convenience, which boils down to their weight.

The machine you buy must be lightweight and comfortable to fit the intended purpose. Try picking all the machines in the vacuum aisle one by one, after which you can select one which guarantees you the most comfort while using.

If the vacuum you’re about to pick is both heavy and bulky, then there won’t be much different with picking a canister, which is even way powerful.


The compact size of handheld vacs doesn’t make them capable of accommodating an impressive amount of debris.

But then again, some handheld vacs have larger dustbins or cups than others. It therefore makes more sense to pick a vac that holds the largest amount of debris, other variables held constant. Do this keeping in mind that model with larger bins or cups also tend to be bulkier and heavier.

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Check out the attachments on the machine you want to buy. You must have noticed that whereas some come with only one or two attachments, other have four or even more attachment. Some even offer you the option of buying additional attachments later in case you’ll need them.

The attachments you’re likely to find in the unit you buy include crevice tools to help you gain access into tight spaces, the extension wands for cleaning ceilings, and upholstery brushes for cleaning furniture and other delicate household items.


The more volts or amps a given machine has, the more powerful it’s likely to be. Power can be interpreted as better suction. This particular important if you don’t want to end up with a handheld vacuum that doesn’t perform just as fine as a regular canister or upright.

The Number of Motors

Besides looking for a cordless vacuum with a powerful motor, you might also be interested in knowing whether the machine you want to buy uses only a single motor or two.

For better efficiency and effectiveness, consider picking a model with dual motor, unless otherwise.

Also, while looking for a great handheld vacuum, don’t forget to go through the various customer reviews and feedback found online for specific vacuum models. The same can be said to those looking for the best vacuum for stairs. Vacuum ratings and reviews offer you the quickest way to find out whether or NOT a particular model is worth you investing your money in it.

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