Stop Your Dog From Biting – Forever

Your new dog might be the cutest animal on the planet, but if he develops the habit of chewing or biting on you, your clothes, your furniture, or worse, your guests, then he may no longer seem quite so cute. It is very important to learn how to stop dogs from biting before they hurt someone or destroy valuable possessions.

Fortunately, there are dog training techniques especially designed to teach your puppy the appropriate behavior as regards chewing or biting. Read on to find out how to stop dogs from biting.


Separation Biting Relating To Early Family Removal

First, you will have to understand that excessive biting is a problem usually exhibited by puppies that are separated from their mother too soon. Puppies are naturally taught proper biting behavior by their mother and cues from their litter mates will also tell them when biting has gone too far.

Therefore, when he is taken away from his mother too soon, he is robbed of the chance to learn the proper chewing and biting behavior. It should now be your responsibility to learn how to stop dogs from biting and teach your dog accordingly.

One Super Effective Tip To Stop Biting Of Furniture And Clothes

One of the single most effective ways of stopping Dog biting at any age is a technique of reward based distraction. All you need to do is simply purchase a Toy that your Dog enjoys playing with and then encourage them to do so with a small treat or titbit.

This is effective in less sever cases of Furniture or Clothes biting. If that fails then the next level is to provide them with a chewable toy such as an edible bone or special toy that has space for a Dog treat to be placed in the center.

These are readily available from al good Pet Shops and will work on the principle that the smell/taste will attract your Dog towards playing with that Toy. Reward this behavior with focussed praise and they will soon learn to develop positive biting habits.

If Your Puppy Or Fully Grown Dog Is Biting People

When your puppy bites you, take a cue from its mother or litter mates. Leave him as a mother dog does, or make a sound signaling that you are hurt just like his litter mates used to do. Do this even when your dog is only chewing on your pajama bottoms so that he knows that clothes should not be bitten.

You may then place your dog inside a crate or leave him outside the house for a few minutes to give him time to absorb the lesson. If your dog whines, wait until he quiets down before letting him out of the crate or into the house.

Consistently Train Your Dog And Educate Yourself …

Curbing Dogs biting is relatively simple. It does, of course, require consistency and persistency to ingrain new patterns of behavior. These tips are effective but only the tip of the Iceberg. One of the best investments you can make is to purchase a specialist Dog Training guide.

In the cases where Dog biting becomes unmanageable, professional training should be administered as soon as possible. Nonetheless, amazing results for near enough any Dog can be achieved in the Home environment.

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